Self Compassion and Love


Practicing polyamory can be challenging, because there are so many social cues that discourage it. Therefore, it's important to offer yourself compassion when practicing poly. Mindfulness and meditation can help you find compassion for the times when you don't feel or behave in a way that is in line with who you want to be.

Start by giving yourself a hug. You may feel a little silly doing it, and that's ok. It's a small but meaningful gesture.

Many of the tools that are helpful to cultivate self love are available on the other pages of the site:

1 Check out the Being in the Moment page. Ignoring the cues about a partner, this meditation can help you connect with moments that you share with yourself.
2 Try out the Metamours and Breakups page. Skip over the section on metamours and breakups to the loving kindness meditation, which cultivates positive feelings for yourself and strengthens your connection to others.
3 Go to the Jealousy and Difficult Feelings page. Skip the information about jealousy and focus on the understanding meditation practice. When you practice creating space between yourself and your feelings, it give you a chance to offer yourself compassion for having unwelcome thoughts.
2 Visit the Appreciating Happiness page. Instead of using this meditation to focus on happy moments with a partner, use it to appreciate good moments with yourself.