Getting Started

Much of my journey leading a polyamorous lifestyle has coincided with an exploration of the power of mindfulness and meditation. I recognize the gifts that this parallel evolution has offered me which I hope to share.


Polyamory, mindfulness and meditation are all robust topics, but my goal is to keep the information shared here as brief and accessible as possible, while including resources to learn more.


For those new to polyamory and it's terminology, you'll noticed certain words highlighted to indicate that there's a definition available when you roll over them.


If you're skeptical of mindfulness and meditation, there are many scientific studies being done on the topic, and while there's still a lot more to learn, there is compelling evidence that it has the power to alter your brain. Here's one example.


1 Try to set aside your self-judgments as you approach this practice. This is a muscle you haven't used before and it's understandable that it will be weak at first. When judgments arise, notice them and let go.
2 Approach these practices in a quiet space where you have the time to focus without distraction.
3 Take a moment to feel good about engaging in any of the practices on this site. These are difficult topics and doing this kind of work is brave.
4 Don't get caught up in the right or wrong way to do a practice. Everything here is a suggestion, a starting place, for you to discover what works and is best for you.
5 The power in many of these practices lies in repetition. You may not notice an immediate effect after just one practice, but upon repetition, the effects will become noticeable.


These are just some of my favorites: